Scientific Equipment Manufacturing Company

Drummond Scientific is a laboratory equipment manufacturer with 70 years of experience crafting high-quality, precision liquid transfer tools used by researchers around the globe.

The Challenge

Drummond Scientific had a legacy of service and precision since developing the first Pipet-Aid, but understood their online presence was beginning to feel old and clunky, with product pages and information buried too deep within the website to be effective. After developing and carefully scrutinizing their customer persona, We recommended building a new site from the ground up, offering users an organic, elegant interface.

The goal was to create a new site that better communicates the value proposition of the product and validate its fit to market by improving the overall website user experience with a better information design while continuing to push the brand in the digital space.


UX Audit

I started this project off by conducting a basic UX audit on the client’s former website. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of their current product while also identifying things that needed to be improved.

During this phase, a lot of issues were uncovered with the main one being that product information was buried too deep making it hard for users to find that valuable product information.

After presenting our findings to the client, a complete website redesign was in order to solve these issues.

Stakeholder Interviews & Persona Development

Our team’s content strategist and I worked with the client on conducting internal stakeholder interviews. Taking the insights gained from these interviews, we then created fictional user personas based.

Customer Journey Mapping

Once the user personas were completed, the team and I began to map out the customer journey. Going with a phased approach we outlined the journey by each stage while keeping in mind the intended goals.

Sitemap & iA

I then created the primary site map and iA once we completed all the initial research items. I outlined each content section per page with intended functionality requirements.

Wire Frames

Wire frames were drafted up based around information architecture to help guide the page flow and overall content organization. These wire frames were also used to outline the intended amount of content for each section for our content strategy team.

Visual Design

I created a couple style tiles to figure out the overall style direction. I also took the opportunity to include some new design concepts like the hex pattern and shape which was further expanded upon in the final designs.

End Results

This was a very large project with a lot of moving pieces. Overall, I’m very proud of what we created in the end. Working with our dev team to help design and completely rearchitect the backend to facilitate the new functional requirements was a fun process. Working through technical problems while solving them with simple, elegant UX solutions is always rewarding.

Old product photography woes

Due to budget constraints, the client wasn’t able to have new photography for all their products. This made it tough to pull off some initial design ideas I had. Compromises had to be made in regard to how product photos would be integrated into the design.

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