HandsFree Health

HandsFree Health is a Healthcare Technology company providing a platform that enables customers to better manage their health by utilizing the latest in voice recognition technology and state of the art devices.

The Challenge

HandsFree Health was preparing to launch their new product to market. However, their former marketing website was not on brand and they needed update the overall messaging. In addition, they were having an eCommerce website developed by another team that was launching at the same time. This introduced a need to provide a seamless integration from a UX stand point with the eCommerce site.

Provide a seamless integration from a UX stand point with the new eCommerce website.


User Personas

The project started off with me performing some basic competitive research and getting an understanding of the client’s market. I was provided with internal user personas that were developed by another team. I took these insights and continued to expand upon them further.

Sitemap & iA

Compiling my findings from the completed user personas and my initial competitor research, I created the sitemap and began fleshing out the iA while keeping in mind the primary user goals. Page structures within each page were also established while sections were organized by hierarchical goals.

Wire Frames

Wire frames were drafted up based off of the approved information architecture to help guide the page flow and overall content organization. These were also used to outline the intended amount of content for each section for our teams strategic copywriter.

Visual Design

HandsFree Health had a well established brand but needed to push it more on the digital side. I created a couple style tiles in order to help establish a stylistic direction. Common web UI component styles were established while custom design patterns were also created. The goal here was to stay on brand as much as possible.

End Results

I enjoyed working on this project. I found the product interesting and working with an established brand is always fun. The HandsFree Health team was also a joy to work with as they gave me a lot of creative freedom overall throughout the project. I was able to bounce off a lot of ideas with their team so I could help continue push their brand on the web. The new website had a lot of good feedback and we are still working with their team to continuously make iterations on it.

Technical decision makers.

A couple of the client’s key decision makers were hands on and had both design and development experience. This was a good and bad thing. On one hand, I appreciated not having to explain things too much when it came to technical items but on the flip side, the client did have some specific ideas that I had to help walk back due to scope creep.

Coordinating with another team.

I had to work with another team that was working in tandem on the separate eCommerce website. In order to create a more seamless experience between the websites, I provided specific design assets and design direction to keep everything on brand.

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