Wedgewood Pharmacy

Wedgewood Pharmacy is a recognized leader in custom-compounded medications with more than 40 years of experience and 40,000 prescribing customers.

The Challenge

Wedgewood Pharmacy was in need of improving their B2C ordering experience on their internal eCommerce platform. The idea was to create a new Pet Owner Experience portal. Due to the client’s time and budgetary constraints, we were provided with their own internally developed wire frames and functional requirements that we had to work within. In addition, I had to work with their internal development team on this project.

Updating the B2C workflow is key to engaging the consumer market and will help in positioning Wedgewood as a growth company for potential buyers.


Wire Frames & Functional Requirements

The client provided us with their own set of wire frames that were created internally by their dev team. Functional requirements were also provided and outlined.

Due to this and other factors, I decided designing and making UX improvements on the fly would be the way to go.

User Flows

User flows were needed in order to optimize the already pre-defined flows that the client had envisioned. The user flows also provided their dev team with a proper understanding on any intended functionality.

Visual Design & Style Guide

A majority of time was spent designing out the various screens, providing UI enhancements and creating an internal design style guide for their dev team. In addition, I imported all the screen designs over to Zeplin for seamless designer to developer handoff.

End Results

Overall, this was a fun project to work on that I think took advantage of my skillset. Working within tight time/functional constraints while coordinating with technical decision makers was challenging. But the client was happy with the outcome of this project and their development team is now able to focus on feature development instead of fighting with default Bootstrap styles.

Constraints, oh my!

Time was the biggest constraint but also having to work off of a client’s provided wire frames was also a challenge. Having to decipher things the client created made it a bit harder in the end. Looking back, if time and budget weren’t an issue, I would have wire framed and prototyped out the entire experience. This would have allowed for more questions to be answered earlier on in the process.

Over communicate!

Working with another companies internal development team isn’t always easy. The need to over communicate on things was essential so items would not get lost in translation. I leveraged Zeplin for the designer handoff aspects in order to make the process as smooth as possible. The dev team seemed to be happy with this.

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